As part of MNDBAR we offer an augmented reality experience that offers individuals the opportunity to connect to nature during their busy days, reducing their stress levels, and allowing them to explore opportunities and inspiration.

Hiking in the


This action adventure takes you on a treasure hunt through the Dolomites in the southern in Italy.

Swimming with Whales

Simulating swimming in deep waters, engage and play with whales and experience real wonder like no other. 

Surfing in Perth Australia

An opportunity to surf in the shores of Perth Australia, an experience that is like nothing before. 

Snowboarding in


Challenge yourself with the thrill of speed by snowboarding in the mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

Exploring the Northern Lights

Embark on a once in a lifetime vision to see the northern lights and connect with nature remarkably.

Kayaking in

El Nido

Relax and refresh through the calmness of a kayak ride in El Nido where the nature will sooth & rejuvenate you.

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